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Coordinate beautiful and stylish winter wool skirt with 3 ways

How to choose a woolen skirt that fits in the person
Before embarking on the map, the girls do not forget an extremely important step, that is to choose woolen dress so that it fits with the figure. Only when you choose a woolen dress to enhance the curves and cleverly hide the defects, can you be confident in the outfit.

Rectangular figure
Rectangular body shape: Equal shoulder and hip ratio, chest-waist-hip ratio is 3: 3: 3. Body curves are little / no.
If this is your figure, a long and fairly wide woolen dress, not hugging, will be a “treasure” to help you cover the defects on your body! In addition, you can choose long woolen dresses with accents at the waist, waist.

The skirt with wool knitting material will help you “cheat” somewhat of the height, embellish the body curve because the material will stretch according to your natural shape.

Note: Be careful with woolen skirts with horizontal lines because it only makes your body look bigger and rougher.

Heart shape
Heart shape features: Big shoulders and chest, hips and waist, small thighs. Heart-shaped girls should choose woolen dresses with sewn on the sides.
Pear shape
With a pear-shaped figure, reverse the rules of choosing a wool skirt in a heart-shaped figure. To make the upper body look larger, you can wear a chest-shaped skirt, or a woolen skirt with a neck.

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